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Hi Tronixlabs,

I used your Sim900 tutorial some months ago, finding it very helpful in getting my project running.

I had just started to go to the tutorial to test out some of the functions I had not previously tried out; also a few times I have given other Arduino folk the link to your tutorial, but now find it has been removed as obselete.

However seems there are still prenty of Sim900s being sold on ebay etc and plenty of requests for help in getting them running.

While I expect you do not want to reinstate the tutorial , wondered if it was possible for me to have a download of it, for my personal use, and, if agreeable, to forward verbatim, to others should they be looking for it; with full credits to your good self, of course.


Ricky (UK)

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It has been deleted, please contact your hardware supplier for support.
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I registered to say basically the same as Ricky. There are other articles out there, but none as this one.

I hope anyone has a backup. I'm so sorry I didn't do it myself. Sometimes you think you're just fine by saving the link...


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Hope this helps:
This time, I'm saving it myself!
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