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Hi All,

I need to create a timer for one of my household appliance. I have already made one prototype using ATMega328 and DS1307. Its working fine except one issue described below:

- Time in DS1307 gets changed (increasing 3-5 seconds everyday)

I have used
Proper circuit (ie) RTC crystal (32.768 KHz) and
The lead capacitance had been taken care by
(Case 1) Directly soldered crystal with RTC Xtal pins
(Case 2) Grounded the body of crystal

But still I'm facing this time change issue.

Please help me out with any corrections needs to be done.

And Is there any other latest RTC available in market better than DS 1307.

Thanks in Advance.

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The DS1307 isn't that accurate, and is affected by temperature. 
The DS3232 would be the winner, it has inbuilt temperature-compensated crystal - and the accuracy is 1.5 minutes per year


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